• Save Ewing is a group of concerned residents advocating for responsible development in Ewing's West Trenton neighborhood.

    Spurred by redevelopment plans for Freddie's Tavern, we are making sure that our elected officials understand the opposition to the plan in its current form.

  • Tell Your Elected Officials to Say NO to the Freddie's Site Redevelopment.


    The planning board voted 4-2 to approve the preliminary site plan on September 5th. You can still sign the petition to express your opposition to this development.



  • Proposed Freddie's Site Redevelopment Plan

    2 Residential Mixed-use and Multi-family Buildings

    You can view the hearing notice that outlines the plan here.

      59 UNITS

      34 two-bedroom, 24 one-bedroom, and 1 three-bedroom units


      There are currently about 75

      3,300 SQUARE FEET

      of commercial space

    • We do not have much time. It is likely that there will be action taken at the Sept. 5th hearing.

      A multi-story building with a significant amount of commercial property and nearly 60 new apartments doesn't align with the characteristics of the neighboorhood. The development raises more questions and concerns than benefit.


      For right now there are two things you can do:


      1) Attend the Planning Board Meeting to share your opinion: THURSDAY, Sept. 5 at 7pm at townhall.

      2) Sign the online petition above.


      I hope at the hearing we can learn more about this plan so there can be a respectful and thoughtful conversation about the future of our town.

    • These are just some of the questions and concerns I have.

        • What is the track record of this builder and the property management company? Information on Buildquick LLC is scant, current management of Freddie's does not appear to have experience in real estate development and management.
        • What is the benefit to the town and the community? 
        • What is the plan for the to accommodate additional students and public resource needs (police, fire, public works, etc.) that come along with this growth? Who will be responsible to fund it? 
        • Is there a need for more homes? Will this just oversaturate the market? What will happen to property value in the surrounding neighborhoods?
        • Is this enough parking? Parking is already an issue in the areas due to the train station. The current allocation of 147 spots to 58 units is 2.6 spots per unit. This DOES NOT account for the commercial parking needs.  
        These are just some of the questions/concerns I have.
      • Letter from Ewing School Board Member, Carl Benedetti, Jr.

        September 3, 2019 - I am personally opposed to the current redevelopment plans for Freddie’s in West Trenton. As a lifelong Ewing resident and current member of the Ewing School Board, I have a unique perspective on this issue. My opposition stems from the potential strain on the school system, the lack of alignment with the characteristics of the neighborhood, and the added traffic that could spell disaster for area residents.


        There has been significant growth in the West Trenton and Mountainview area that includes over 2,000 market-rate and affordable apartments built or planned since 2013. With the majority of the units for this project being 2 bedroom units, I am concerned that more school-aged children would come from this development than anticipated.


        While I applaud the commitment to affordable housing and growing the tax base, this growth will place a strain on the school system, particularly for our elementary schools. There are ongoing discussions to determine which elementary school students from the Parkway Town Center will ultimately attend. However, based on the current zoning, the students from all planned apartments would attend Lore. New students from Stonegate at Braeburn would attend Antheil.


        Based on the most current demographic study conducted by the school district, the Lore School is above capacity. Other schools have a surplus of space that will be diminished by the new growth and reallocation of Lore students. I would argue that keeping surplus capacity is not a bad thing to keep class sizes smaller and reduce costs related to education. Whatever realignment may occur, this additional development threatens our current favorable class sizes.


        In 2018, voters in Ewing approved a $59.3 million bond for significant facility upgrades to improve our schools. With the perpetual approval of new residential projects in this part of town, I am very concerned about having to ask the voters to borrow more in the short-term to support this growth with a new school or building expansions.


        The community must be thoughtful and deliberate in the proposed development for our beloved Ewing and ask if it is truly needed; I do not think it is it.


        Carl Benedetti, Jr. is serving his third term on the Ewing Township Board of Education. He is formerly a liaison to the Ewing Township Council, and is a proponent responsible budgeting and respecting the taxpayers of Ewing. The opinions expressed here are solely his own and not that of the Ewing Township Board of Education.

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      • More about me

        I am organizing this campaign because I care about my neighborhood and its future. I live on Summit Ave. with my wife and two small children. You can see my Facebook Page here to learn more about me.


        You can contact me directly via email at adamgsteinberger@gmail.com.